Thursday, January 26, 2012


Check out some of our "newness" at Lavish!

A Suzani. Have you seen these?  Will do a post on these a little later.

It's a rock soap! I got nervous after I ordered a TON of these at market, but my parents reminded me it sells to the "rock people" and the "soap people"! And the smell yummy. Did you collect rocks as a kid?

 Scarves ($22) with a touch of neon for those winter blues 

New wrapping paper for Spring and Summer!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pictures from Market

Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures at Market.  I was way too busy.  We squeezed it into two days because I will be going back in February.  We were moving so fast that my mom and I would place an order and Brent would follow through with our shipping/credit card information as we moved on to the next stop.  We were quite the team.  
Lulu DK Matouk had some beautiful bedding and I ordered plenty of linens for the bathroom.  Can you guess what the fabric swatches are for? I also found beautiful jewelry, rock soaps (you'll see...), cocktail napkins and Valentine's Day gifts.  The last picture is of some sweet Kissy Kissy Spring outfits that have been coming in and are absolutely adorable.
Will be posting pictures as new shipments arrive!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Beds that is.  I just love a pair of identical twin beds.  Especially in a cozy attic room.  In fact, I've probably blogged about this before.  In my opinion, kids should start in twin beds so that later on they can appreciate the extra space.  Plus, it keeps them from being bed hogs!

Matouk Le Scallop (very similar to the second image with the brown trim) is one of my favorite options for twin beds.  It is a great price point, extremely durable, and a coverlet and standard sham can completely pull together the bed!  Headed to market the weekend, will keep you posted on fun finds!