Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Garnet & Gold Time!

I am proud to be a Florida State Seminole and in our house, there has been a countdown until kickoff this Saturday.  Brent's FSU football enthusiasm certainly exceeds mine, but I always remind him that I...
(1) Am a 3rd Generation Seminole (on my Dad's side)
(2) Am a purebred, meaning both of my parents graduated from FSU
and (3) I went there from start to finish (Brent transferred from Louisvile)
(After proofing, Brent wanted me to add that he did play football at FSU under Coach Bowden, which is the main reason for his enthusiasm!)
In the picture above (December 2007), I was about to graduate with a degree in Exercise Science  and Brent with a degree in Social Science.  We didn't know it yet, but within a year we would be married and operating our own businesses!
Since my wardrobe is pretty much just bright colors, I've been looking for Game Day garnet and gold and Jack Rogers makes Seminole sandals...
And Lavish just got these bracelets in...
Football season also means cooler days and lots of shoppers in Downtown Thomasville.
Or, if you need a pre-game tailgate, you can find us under the pines, here .

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Great Gift Idea + Bracelets for you!

So here is  little update on things!
1.  Big News - I have an accessible sidewalk.  Finally!
2.  Market Atlanta was a success and the packages are rolling in.  We are restocked in Lollia and my new favorite gift suggestions is this beautifully boxed set of 12 bath salt sachets for $28.
3.  We've also just gotten in Lily and Laura stretch bracelets that are especially cute in a set of two or three:
 4.  Our End of Summer Grand Finale Sale is still going on and there are still plenty of great sale items!  Rikshaw dresses, Sun-Sandals, jewelry, and select Tocca have been a hit, but there is still plenty to choose from! 
5.  We are headed to NYC this weekend for the New York International Gift Show. (Christmas shopping!) Can't wait to share with you what all we find!