Saturday, October 29, 2011


What to be for Halloween?!?  I have never procrastinated this long!  If all else fails I guess I will be a paparazzi (thanks, Brandi!) .  It kind of works out well for this weekend.  My celebrity radar is already turned on!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Thomasville is being hit with a major baby boom this upcoming Spring (congratulations all you

mama's) and Lavish will be fully stocked for the little one's!  Swaddles, onesies, bath essentials,

bedding, and gifts... we have it all.  And a lot more coming!

I also have some cute Bink and Boo Booties and Bib's coming in for Christmas.  Adorbs!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Supper Club

I have some simple, fallish tablesetting ideas for your next dinner party.  I like going for the, "simply 

thrown together look" that I unfortunately worked all week putting together.  If only we had an herb 

and flower garden in the backyard that I could use for entertaining!  This top photo would be so much 

prettier with Provvista plates in my opinion, but I love the old piece of wood being used as a runner.  

Burlap and linen runners are relatively inexpensive and look beautiful indoors and outdoors. 

Here are two great recipes (Barefoot Contessa, of course) for entertaining.   You can never go wrong with the herbed goat cheese and basil chicken next time you have company.  Who doesn't like chicken?  And if you are a little burnt out on chicken (like moi), this one will be a pleasant surprise!  FYI, we can never seem to find the "bone out, skin on" chicken, but it still works just fine with the bone in.  You have to have the skin on it though, because the goat cheese and basil gets stuffed between the meat and the skin.   We typically pair it with green beans and a sweet potato.  

The second (which I plan to make for our next Supper Club) is Ina's Lentil and Sausage Soup.  Delish! It is hearty enough for the men and loaded with vegetables.  Crusty bread, hoppy beer, and Bon Apetite!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I've been dealing with off and on allergies this fall and all I want is grilled cheese with tomato basil soup and a sleeping room like the one above.
The recipe for the tomato soup is easy, delicious and found right here.  
Will be back with some fall entertaining ideas and tried and true recipes!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aventus & The Steward

Aventus, a new Creed fragrance for men (and adored by women), celebrates strength, power, vision and success. The Cologne is inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor who waged war, peace and romance on terms he set, riding on horseback to victory. Superb ingredients become in the hands of Olivier CREED the unrivaled Aventus, a worldly blend and must-have for the individual who savors a life well lived.  This is by far my new favorite cologne for men!

All images taken from The Steward, a blog full of masculine images worth scrolling through!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Around Here!

I have had so many projects going on and I wanted to start sharing before it was a part of the distant past!  First of all, my mom gave me a copy of James Farmer's new book, A Time to Plant.  I am already a regular reader of his blog, which is chock full of beautiful landscaping, entertaining, and recipe ideas.  He is a true Georgia boy and will get you inspired to give your yard the attention it needs and sit back and enjoy it with a tall glass of sweet tea!
He also got me madly in love with Provvista Designs tableware, which is also a product of good 'ole Georgia!

A more major project that has been occupying my mind is our house renovations!  For all of you that are unaware we live in a 150 year old cottage that needed a little TLC this summer.  Well, that summer project has dragged into fall, but fortunately it has given me more time to figure out bedding.  Right now I am loving Matouk's Le Scallop shams and coverlets.  Twin coverlets are $135 and Le Scallop (cotton/poly blend) is the most durable for dogs and kids.

Le Scallop is available in pretty much any color imaginable and is so easy to color match with fabric already in the room.  Here it is with an aqua trim on shams, a coverlet, and bed skirt:

And I am thinking it would be perfect for our downstairs shower with a big fat monogram in the center!