Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easy Shopping!

We did some rearranging this week to make it easy to shop for all of the little holidays and gift giving events coming up.  Front and center is our Mother's Day table...

Then, we have our graduation table.  You know that one of my favorites are the Talleyho cosmetic bags and jewelry rounds for special gifts.  The friendship bracelets are only $6 and are good friend-to -friend gifts.  They are cute stacked with other bracelets for the summer!
Soon after Mother's Day is Father's Day...
Then, we have the crib which is full of baby gifts right now...
The silver-plated turtle is still my favorite!  I'm tempted to get one to put on my stack of books on my bedside table.
And the best news of all is this...
Once all of this construction is over Lavish is finally going to have a little parking spot of it's own!  Say you are coming down the hill from Broad and you pass Lavish on the right, as soon as you turn right onto Madison, this spot will be on the right.  If you pass it or it is full, there will be three more ahead on the right.  Hot Diggity Dog!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Packing for France!

We leave for France next weekend and I am just now getting on the ball with packing and booking.  Brent and I are traveling light so that we won't waste any time on lost luggage and to make it easier to hop around France.  I am using the same backpack that I used six years ago when I went to Europe with friends.  I pulled out the bag last night and it looked tiny!  I'm afraid that I am no longer the light, efficient packer that I used to be!  Here are a few items that are coming with me...
Kai Roller Perfume, yuummmm
My tinted moisturizer with sunscreen
A Rikshaw Tunic

My new Sheridan French dress!!  It actually hasn't come in yet and I got it for another event, but think it will be perfect for France!  I've been wanting one forever!  Now please don't tell me that everyone in Paris dresses in all black like New York City.  If it is chilly, I might have to save it for the French Riviera.
Worishofers orthopedic shoes!  I read about these on the Rikshaw blog (she took them with her on her trip to India) and she swears that they are the most comfortable traveling shoes.  They are inexpensive and I think they will go with most of my outfits, so I hope they work out for me!

Turkish towel to use as a travel blanket and towel along the Mediterranean.
This next image is the hotel/bed and breakfast that we are staying at in Aix-en-Provence.  The hotel is on a bustling little street in the historic part of downtown with a restaurant downstairs.  All twelve bedrooms are unique and the decorating is just so French!  Can't wait!
And finally, here is a picture of the renovations outside today.  I Came to open and the street was closed and covered with tractors.  The bricks are slowly being uncovered and by Friday the street should be back open.