Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coffee to go, Please!!

Unfortunately Americans are always on the go, which means our coffee is too! Thanks to one of my favorite leather good suppliers, we now have reusable and super chic coffee sleeves. I am so excited about this new product because 1. I've never seen these before 2. I LOVE mugs and hate using to-go cups, but now this will be fun. And 3. They are reusable!! What a Fun gift for those who seem to have everything!

To-go cup sleeve, $28. Comes in fushia (shown), teal, petal pink, and deep purple


  1. Although I'm not the biggest fan of coffee those sleeves are pretty cool :) And great colors :)

  2. Oh! And, your shop is in thomasville! How cool I know I know where that is but I can't think of it right now lol