Friday, June 26, 2009

CREED ... it is official!

We are so excited to announce our newest line here at Lavish... CREED! We feel so priveleged that we were selected to carry this exclusive line and that it is now available in south Georgia. And what sets Creed apart from other fragrance lines? many...

1. CREED is one of the world's only dynastic, privately owned luxury lines. Beginning in 1760 and passed on from father to son since then, it is one of the 100 oldest family businesses in the world.

2. Oliver Creed travels around the world selecting rare and pure ingredients. Today, most perfumes are made from synthetic alcohols and are petroleum based, but CREED doesn't use synthetic anything.

3. What do Napolean III, Winston Churchill, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana all have in common? They all wore custom scents created by the House of Creed. Since then, CREED's clientele includes Robert Redford, Elton John, JFK Jr, Jacqueline Kennedy, Madonna, Clint Eastwood, Cindy Crawford...

If you haven't already, you must come experience CREED and wear a piece of history!

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