Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lavish loves...

Dylan is a dreamer. He is fascinated with faraway places and knows the most obscure facts about every corner of the world. But don't mistake his dreamy nature for disinterest - Dylan is a grounded listener who cares as much about people as he does about places.
Kate is entertainment. It doesn't matter what she's doing: everything is fun to this girl. She sees life as one big treasure hunt and she's got the map. And darned if she doesn't already know where her treasure is buried!

Market Sling for everyday Mom

the Moses basket, reinvented

... Serena & Lily. From bohemian market slings to tailored crib bedding, Serena has it all. This line is built on the concept layering. And the combination options are endless! At Lavish we will help expecting mothers choose their new baby's crib bedding and set up a baby registry, which will also be accessible online.

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