Thursday, June 14, 2012

A few things...

Every summer my family goes to High Hampton in Cashiers, North Carolina.  The Inn has a dahlia garden on the property and they provide you with scissors and mason jars so you can pick and take flowers back to your room.  This year, the Easter Bunny put dahlia bulbs in my Easter Basket and my mom and I experimented with growing dahlia's.  To my surprise, they are blooming, blooming, blooming!  
(Juliska Vase)
(Match Bud Vase)
Since we've already taken our "big" trip of the summer, we are filling the weekends with day or overnight trips here and there.  I hadn't been to Wacissa in ages, but we went a few weekends ago and had a blast.  The rope swings and air boats brings out your inner hillbilly.  Just ask Brent!
Speaking of, did you know that my extended family goes on an overnight canoe trip down the Chipola River every summer?  It is has been going on for over forty years and now my parents are in charge.  It is this weekend!
Have you tried coconut Greek yogurt?  It is the only healthy thing that I would say could substitute a dessert. I suggest you give it a try!
Oh, and the construction.  Just when I think it couldn't get any worse,  it does!  It is tempting to call it a beach day and I think that when the cement is poured directly in front of the store, I will!
We have gotten in some great summer jewelry at really good prices. I have added this wrap bracelet ($28) to my daily attire to help jazz things up.  We also have an assortment of studs and stack able bracelets starting at only $12.  It is all part of the Caroline Hill collection, a mother-daughter jewelry line based out of Thomasville.  
Brent probably doesn't think it is possible, but I am adding another robe to my collection.  My current terry robe is a bit heavy and large so I have passed it on to Brent and I am trading it for Matouk's Cairo robe.  I think I am going to go with Watermelon tape and monogram (it isn't as orange as the image appears).  
When it comes in I just might share my full collection!
Hope summer is treating you well!

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