Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Typical Day in the Life of Josh and Charlotte

First, a few pictures of the two this past week...

So, at almost seven months old, a typical Thomasville week day goes something like this:

4:30 am - Josh getting a little fussy, so I head downstairs and warm a bottle, Brent feeds it to him and he falls back asleep, in bed with us (another issue...)
5:45 am : I go downstairs to pump milk, go back to bed
7:00 - Charlotte and Josh both wake-up.  We take them downstairs to watch cartoons while we eat breakfast and drink coffee
7:45 - Brent leaves for work, Josh and Charlotte move to the bouncy seats.  Feed Charlotte, then Josh.
8:30 - Starting to get fussy, so we head for a walk downtown.  Go to Lavish, bank, etc
10:00 - get home, water plants, and feed them cereal with fruit/vegetables
Give Josh a bottle, nurse Charlotte
11:15 - start the nap process, both down at 11:45
12:00 - Mayceil comes over, pump milk
12:30 - Charlotte wakes up, so we give her a bath, rock her and put her back down at 1:30 (because her first nap wasn't long enough)
1:35 - Josh wakes up.  Bath and a bottle for him.
Josh plays in bouncy seat
2:30 Charlotte wakes up, nurses,  they play on the floor together, I read to them
3:30 - Josh takes little nap in his stroller
4:00 - prepare dinner, pump milk
5:00 Mayceil leaves and we head on our afternoon walk
5:45 Brent gets home from work!!  Sit outside for appetizers (this rarely happens), feed the babies solids, we eat dinner outside (we alternate holding and eating) and clean up (I walk them in stroller up and down driveway while Brent cleans up)
Josh and Charlotte play in bouncers to get their energy out of their system, I take a shower, they play with Brent on the floor and watch Curtis fetch
7:15 - put jammies on babies and head upstairs to our bedroom (still bright outside!)
They play/giggle on the bed
I nurse Charlotte and Brent gives Josh a bottle
8:00 - Josh falls asleep
8:20 - put Charlotte in her crib (in the guest room)
11:00 - Charlotte wakes-up and needs one more feeding (this happens once or twice a week, typically she sleeps 10-11 hours straight)

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