Monday, September 28, 2009


Most everyone who knows me knows that I am a Summertime Girl. Long days, NO SCHOOL, afternoon swims and boiled peanuts all strike my fancy. Even my {our} wedding was all pink with not a hint of FALL. Brent, however, is just starting his favorite time of the year. College football, bonfires, Octoberfest beer, camping, and the countdown to 12.11 {the boys birthday is kind of a BIG DEAL}. And I guess like many other things, what he likes, I grow to like. His excitement for coffee on the porch on crisp mornings becomes my excitement too. We look forward to using our new {old} fireplaces in our new {old} house this FALL and all of our weeds dying off just a little. Who would have known that I would grow to LOVE this time of year? And my two favorite candles to burn this season that will make you feel like you're in a little cabin in the woods: Votivo Teak and Votivo Pondicherry/Sandalwood.

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  1. Nancy-
    It was great to see you last weekend. I'm sure I'll be making another trip soon. Let me know when you move {part time} back to Tallahassee.