Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And the Cribsie Award goes to...

It is no surprise that Aden and Anais has won the Cribsie Award for best sleep inducing swaddle blanket! Did you know that swaddling dates back to 4,000 BC? I didn't and I also didn't know all of the benefits of swaddling. Experts say that swaddling reproduces the cozy, calming environment of the womb and allows babies to sleep more peaceful by preventing spontaneous movements that wake them up during the night. (Babies have a tendency to throw their arms above their head while they are sleeping and it startles them. Aww, that's kind of cute!) The lightweight muslin that Aden and Anais uses has a natural give allowing you to wrap them tightly, yet also allowing the right amount of airflow to circulate and keep their body temperature regulated. So there. There's a lot more reason behind these cute, tightly wrapped up babies!


  1. Maybe we should have tried that before buying the Thunder Jacket for Harry! LB